ESD Tile Comparison: Know What You‘re Buying

Forbo Colorex ESD Tiles Construction Grade SDT Tiles
Static Conductive AND Static Dissipative Static Dissipative ONLY chains
Pressed 100% Homogenous Solid Vinyl Vinyl COMPOSITION contains fillers (like limestone)
Conductive elements permanently pressed into the tile performs flawlessly at any humidity Contains a chemical designed to absorb ambient humidity for conductivity
NO ESD Floor Wax Required REQUIRES ESD Floor Finish from the manufacturer at a cost of about $100 per gallon
TWENTY Year Warranty 5 Year warranty
1,500 PSI Static Load ASTM F-970). Tile will NOT break nor crumble 75 PSI Static Load ASTM F-970). Tile may break and crumble
2’ x 2’ Tiles. Resilient, may be flash coved 1’ x 1’ tiles only. Brittle, not for use with flash coving
ISO Certified, Class 2 Cleanroom Compliant, batch testing of conductivity available with your order N/A

Colorex SD & EC Tile

Electronics Segment

Colorex is an advanced technical flooring system specifically designed to control static discharge in ESD sensitive areas and is widely used in ESD cleanrooms, manufacturing and assembly environments across the electronics industry. Customers who have utilized Colorex: Intel, Seagate, TSMC, ST Microelectronics, TSMC, Facebook, Apple, Micron, Applied Materials & Snap Chat

Life-Science Segment

Colorex meets the highest cleanroom specifications for conductivity, outgassing and particle emissions. Colorex is compliant up to ISO class 2 and GMP class A in areas such as pharmaceutical sterile manufacturing environments. Customers who have utilized Colorex: Merck, Sanofi, Pfizer, Patheon, TEVA, KRKA, Polpharma Group & Novo Nordisk

Automotive Segment

Colorex provides an ideal solution for any automotive manufacturer demanding premium quality floor coverings with electro-conductive or static dissipative characteristics; it is also aesthetically pleasing and will enhance any commercial interior, from specialized scientific research establishments to highly industrialized manufacturing and assembly environments. Customers who have utilized Colorex: Siemens, Bosch, Audi, Hella, Continental, Porsche, ASK, Nexteer Automotive & TRW

Colorex EC Plus Tiles

Renovating an industrial floor can be very costly and labor-intensive project. The downtime needed to move or disassemble heavy production equipment and the expense of renovating a complex subfloor must be accounted for, in addition to the cost of installing the new floor surface. Colorex Plus, a high performance loose lay tile solution provides a cost-effective alternative. Suitable for applications where expensive preparatory measures and lengthy downtimes are not acceptable, Colored Plus can be installed without interrupting operations and (unlike a poured floor) is immediately accessible. There’s no need for special subfloor treatments or preparations. The tiles are connected across the floor using a unique dovetailing system that remains hidden from view. As the tiles have a genuine Colorex surface they offer all the proven features and benefits of a standard Colorex tile.

Customers who have utilized Colorex EC Plus: Philips Healthcare, Silicon Hills Design, Baylor Medical, Duke Medical Center & Hewlett-Packard.