Tampa ESD Flooring Installation

ESD Flooring for Compliance to the Latest Standards.
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Tampa ESD Flooring

  • Comination Electrical Resistance
  • Technician, Heel Straps and ESD Floor Testing per ANSI/ESD STM97.1(note: passing is less than 1.0E09)
  • Environmental Conditions
  • 48.2% rH, 68.4 degrees F.
  • Minimum
  • 9.52E05
  • Maximum
  • 6.32E06
  • Median
  • 3.03E06
  • Average
  • 3.23E06

Project Description

Our first ESD flooring Installation for Tampa Microwave was over two years ago. The ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy Flooring has held up very well at the original site. Hence, it was the material of choice for their new facility comprising of 3 areas similar in size to the room shown below with a total size of roughly 75,000 square feet. This installation was complicated due to the remnants from internal walls that had been fastened to the concrete.

All of the holes were meticulously filled and the concrete was diamond ground to an SP2 profile prior to the application of 3 coats of ElectraGuard, 2 coats of ElectraThane Sealer and a sacrificial top coat of ElectraSheen Sapphire II for ultimate ease of maintenance and durability.