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7.5 inch ESD Brush wth Static Insulation and Non Conductive Nylon


THIS 7.5 inch ESD Brush safely cleans debris. What makes ElectraBrush Different? The total electrical conductivity tells the tale!

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THE Most Popular Options for Anti Static Bushes!

What makes ElectraBrush Different? The total electrical conductivity tells the tale!



$1.00 ea 10-24
$2.00 ea 25 Plus!


Why the 7.5 inch ESD Brush from United Static Control Products? We take our ESD brushes seriously. Static control properties are dependent on electrical conductivity yet our competitors LOAD their bushes with static generating insulative horse hair and non conductive nylon – throw in a few conductive filaments and call it good!


They test to a hocus pocus standard that clearly calls for a 3″ x 5″ sample size (that’s a lot of bristles) and voila – mark them as passable. The conductivity of every bristle AND the handle are critical. Our bristles are made from an indestructible 100% 6.12 static dissipative nylon bonded to a static conductive handle. For once! An esd brush with a no hocus pocus field measurable electrical conductivity that falls in the true static dissipative range for the utmost in removal of static AND particulate.


SI-514S ESD Safe 7.5 inch long static control brush with static conductive nylon handle. This 7.5 inch ESD brush is Used to remove particulate and static laden dust and debris. Features a static conductive vinyl handle that equalizes the static potential between the brush fiber, handle and technician for subsequent discharge of accumulated charges through the primary ground system for the technician. Heat resistant and resistant to most common chemicals used in the electronic assembly environment. Meets latest requirements for use in static control environments with a volume resistance of >1.0E04 and <1.0E11 when tested to ANSI/ESD STM11.12-2007. Perfect for electronic manufacturing, especially circuit boards with hard to remove residues.


SI-514S 7.5 inch ESD Brush – Features

  • Static conductive handle.
  • Static dissipative bristles.
  • Chemical resistant nylon bristles and handle.
  • Non sparking and heat resistant.
  • Carbon free bristles with NO carbon sloughing.
  • Heat resistant to 175 F.


Specification Name Value
Bristle Type Static Dissipative Nylon (<1.0E11)
Bristle Trim Length 3/4″
Bristle Head Length 1.5″
Bristle Head Width 1/2″
Handle Type Static Conductive Nylon (<1.0E06)
Handle Length 7.5 inches
Handle Width 3/4″
Supplied in units of 1, 10 and 25 Part Number: SI-514S





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