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Anti Fatigue Matting – THE Most Economical Floor Matting


ElectraStat Type 175 is THE most economical anti static / anti-fatigue floor matting material on the market and is also easy-to-clean.



Free Shipping in the Continental USA Only* New! Common point ground cord included at NO CHARGE with Custom Cut ESD Table Top Mats made from this Material!


Anti-Fatigue / Anti Static flooring Runners and mats. Give your employees the Comfort They Deserve! Low Low Static Generation, Good Charge Decay Custom Sizes and Full Rolls


Note: ElectraStat Type 175 is a humidity dependent product (it gets its electrical conductivity from the ambient humidity in the environment). ElectraStat Type 175 is NOT recommended for sophisticated mission critical esd control areas as a primary method of personal grounding. ElectraStat Type 175 is an excellent choice for packaging items that are in an ESD protected status.


ElectraStat Anti Fatigue matting is THE most economical anti static / anti-fatigue floor matting material on the market. It features permanent easy to clean low static generation properties that maintain their consistency throughout the entire thickness of the matting. ElectraStat 175’s unique textured surface help protect employees from slips (even if wet) while it’s superb cushioning provides years of increased employee comfort AND productivity!



Thickness: 3/8 of an inch
Color: Gray
Bevel: Beveled on long edge (for reduced tripping hazard).
Availability: 2, 3′, 4′ widths. Up to 60 feet long. Full Rolls and Custom Cuts


Electrical Properties:

PTP PER ESD 7.1: <1.0E10
TYPICAL RTG @ 50%rH, 100VDC, 71 Deg F: <1.0E10



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