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CM-1700 Constant Monitor – For Single Wrist Strap


Static Control Constant Monitor tests a person, their wrist strap and subsequent attachment to a reliable ground over time.


The reliable performance of esd matting and esd wrist straps is critical for your product’s integrity and final problem free performance yet hand testing and logging wrist strap and ESD bench mat performance is a cumbersome, labor intensive, paperwork nightmare. Use of the Static Solutions esd wrist strap and esd bench mat monitors continuously verifies the effectiveness of your ESD protected workstation, simultaneously satisfies ISO logging requirements and insures outstanding product quality.


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The CM-1700 ESD Constant Monitor: The Static Solutions CM-1700 is designed to test a person, their wrist strap and subsequent attachment to a reliable ground on continual basis. Should the wrist strap or connection to the technician fail the CM-1700 provides both a visual and audible alarm. The CM-1700 Constant Monitor may be adjusted for impedance and contains an on/off switch. Each unit is provided with a NIST calibration certificate.


  • 100% continuous monitoring.
  • Works with standard one conductor wrist straps/cords.
  • New technology -capacitance/impedance hyper technology.
  • NIST calibration included with certificate.
  • Visual LED, audio piezo sound.
  • AC powered or 9 volt battery operated.
  • Off / On switch
  • Set points can be adjusted for impedance, capacitance of the technician and the resistance to ground,




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In-house Calibration Instructions
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