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Double Sided ESD Signs for Securing Static Sensitive Areas!


USCP Double Sided ESD Signs are great for warning visitors of areas requiring visitors to be in compliance with safety protocols.


Yellow double sided ESD signs with bold black print, JEDC-14 (hand) symbol. Used for defining an ESD safe area and warning visitors and employees that they must be in compliance prior to entering the area. These double sided ESD signs signs feature 2 precut holes making the signs perfect for hanging applications. Available in packages of 3 each. Coated for added durability and fully compliant to the new ANSI ESD S20.20 requirements.


  • Clear and concise, outstanding visibility!
  • Double Sided
  • PERFECT for hanging applications.
  • Warns personnel that they are entering a static safe area!
  • Coated for resistance to grease, oils, water and many chemicals!
  • Fully compliant to latest ANSI ESD standards!
  • Lead free and RoHS compliant!
  • Perfect for marking static sensitive areas in electronic manufacturing and other static sensitive environments!


  • RESISTANCE to water, oil and many chemicals: Excellent
  • WIDTH: 10 inches
  • LENGTH: 20 inches



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