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Electrical Resistivity Test Kit for ESD Control
ANSI / ESD S20.20 Compliant Megohmmeter Kit
Fast, Powerful, Accurate and In Stock

ED-1000: Electrical Resistivity Megohmmeter, industry compliant electrodes, NIST Certification, steel test plate, cable, battery, manual, hard shell case and accessories



The ElectraDyne-1000 Megohmmeter is a dependable and easy to use audit kit for measuring electrical conductance (or lack thereof). Electrical conductance is a key factor in controlling electrostatic discharge (ESD). Unlike instruments that provide only LED readouts in decades, this instrument is fully digital and breaks down the decades thus providing optimal accuracy and precision.

The ElectraDyne-1000 test kit is perfect for use in all facets of static free production including engineering, maintenance, quality control, incoming inspection, and research. This multi-purpose kit is ideal for testing anti-static mats, ESD floor finishes, paints, wrist straps, smocks, foot wear, bags, containers, and much more.

The ElectraDyne-1000 is designed to test conductive, anti-static, static dissipative, and insulative surfaces for electrical resistivity and conductance according to ANSI/ESD, CECC, ASTM and UL test procedures. The ElectraDyne-1000 is designed, tested and manufactured in Colorado using foreign and domestic components and currently only available from United SCP! The internal parallel electrodes (located on the back of the instrument) are compliant with DIN EN 100 015/1 and some US standards.

The precision external industry compliant five pound electrodes that are provided in the kit are compliant with standards issued by IEC 61340-4-1, ANSI / ESDA S4.1 & ANSI / ESDA S7.1, 97.1, TR-53, ANSI ESD S20.2021, ASTM F-150 and most others popular test procedures. The ElectraDyne-1000 Megohmmeter also measures temperature (presented in Celsius) and humidity (presented in % RH).

Features Include:

  • Capable of providing flawless testing of RTG, PTP & combination resistance.
  • Provides rH and temperature testing
  • Easily pass ESD audits.
  • Fully compliant to the latest standards
  • 1 Year Warranty, free tech support!
  • Includes industry compliant electrodes
  • Includes NIST Compliance data, Made in the U. S. A.*
  • Recalibration available from United, Independent labs or internally
  • Includes Test lead cables, case ground cable, steel test plate, alligator clips, printed manual, NIST Certification and hard shell case – ONLY from United SCP


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