Acid Etching Solution – Smooth Mineral Surfaces for ESD Applications


ElectraEtch Acid Etching Solution’s is used to prepare concrete, terrazzo and unglazed ceramic or stone for a successful ESD treatment.



For Unsealed Concrete, Terrazzo and Unglazed Ceramic. Opens Pores, Dissolves Ground in Dirt and dust! Concentrated and Highly Effective yet Bio-Degradable!



Due to Hazmat Considerations this product is ONLY available in Quart Containers as of 06/24/16.


ElectraEtch Acid Etching Solution is a concentrated formulation containing Hydrochloric (muriatic) Acid, detergents and surfactants. It’s designed specifically for use with ElectraGuard ESD floor paint, ElectraSeal low voc “Green” ESD concrete sealer and ElectraTile’s Shaw-5100 ESD tile adhesive on an “as needed” basis. ElectraEtch can be used to prepare concrete, terrazzo and unglazed ceramic or stone. ElectraEtch’s powerful chemical reaction dissolves ground in dirt and dust opening up the pores in smooth mineral surfaces insuring the proper profile for a successful application or our ESD flooring material.


  • Bio-degradable yet highly effective.
  • Easy application, FAST results.
  • Dissolves the most STUBBORN of dirt.
  • Concentrated, adjustable strength!
  • Dependable results!


ElectraEtch Acid Etching Solution – Extended Information


Caution: ElectraEtch Acid Etching Solution is formulated for professional use only! Safety glasses, gloves and protective footwear should be worn at all times during application. Provide for adequate ventilation of fumes which may be generated during the application. In enclosed areas with limited ventilation a respirator may be necessary. DO NOT mix this product with other chemicals. NOTE: ElectraEtch should be used with extreme caution on polished surfaces and marble, terrazzo, limestone, or other calcium containing materials. ElectraEtch will remove the gloss from polished surfaces and will etch and possibly damage soft or high calcium content stones.


Application: Uniformly dampen the area to be treated with clean water. For light to medium soil or staining on ceramic tile of stone dilute ElectraEtch Acid Etching Solution 1 part product to 3 parts cold water. For heavy soil or staining or for etching concrete ElectraEtch Acid Etching Solution may be concentrated 1 part product to 1 part cold water. NOTE: Concentrations of ElectraEtch at 1:1 or higher can cause efflorescence in grout lines which should be removed by scrubbing with hot water and a deck brush or a 175-300 RPM buffing machine equipped with a brush.


Apply solution to the floor using a plastic watering can then spread EVENLY using a synthetic fiber deck brush or synthetic fiber mop. Allow the solution to work for approximately 5 minutes or until the white foaming action ceases.


NOTE: Do Not allow the product to pool or puddle as over etching may occur and shadow thru the subsequent coating of ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy Floor Paint or ElectraSeal concrete sealer. Scrub the application area with a buffing machine equipped with a staggered bristle zim-grit or nylo-grit type brush or deck brush to assist in thorough cleaning. Completely remove the etching solution, preferably with a wet vacuum. Rinse by applying clean water liberally with a watering can or mop. Scrub briefly to agitate rinse water. Remove rinse water with a wet vac or mop. Thoroughly rinse all application equipment with clean water.


Coverage: Approximately 250 square feet per gallon of diluted solution.


Spec Value
Active Ingredients: Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfuric Acid and Isopropyl Alcohol
Coverage: Approximately 250 SF per gal of diluted solution
Free Ammonia: None
Free Alkali: None
Free Acid: 22%
Phosphates: None
Abrasives: None
Color: Blue
Odor: Wintergreen
Freeze Thaw Stability: Passes 3 Cycles
Biodegradable: Yes
Flash Point: None
Shelf Life: 18 Months @ 60 to 80 Deg F.
pH: 1 – 3
Weight per Gallon 10 lbs
Weight per Case 40 lbs
Weight per 5 gallon Container 50 lbs



Store tightly in cool dry area. Do not mix with other chemicals. Observe precautions for use. Read and understand the MSDS Sheet.


Note: This product must ship via ground service ONLY. Air Freight is not allowed



Poison!Contains Hydrochloric Acid CAS # 7647-01-0, Sulfuric Acid CAS # 7664-93-9, Isopropyl Alcohol CAS # 67-63-0. Harmful or FATAL if Swallowed, Causes BURNS. Read Material Safety Data Sheet thoroughly before using this product.



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