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Mouse Pads for Static Control – Perfect to Control Static Electricity at Work


These Mouse Pads are unaffected by oil, grease, ambient humidity, and dirt and warrantied for life and help protect your computer from static.




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ElectraMouse Titanium Mouse Pads feature a case hardened static dissipative top surface bonded to a full surface static conductive backing. ElectraMouse Pads are unaffected by oil, grease, ambient humidity, and dirt. Plus, Each pad is warrantied for life and the replaceable ground cord is warranted for one full year from the date of purchase. To use, simply place the pad on a convenient location like a table or a desktop. Then, ground the cord by attaching the ring terminal to the center screw of an electrical face plate cover or other grounded object. Each cord comes equipped with a built in 1 meg ohm resistor so you are getting real quality.


ElectraMouse Static Control Mouse Pads Features
  • Precision discharge time.
  • Includes lifetime static conductivity.
  • ElectraMouse is not dependent on humidity for performance.
  • These are easy to attach ground cords included.
  • Simply touch the mouse pads for ultimate static control.
  • Approximate Size is 8.5 inches by 10.5 inches.
  • ElectraMouse has the best static control properties.
  • The rubberized backing reduces sliding for a secure grip.




If you already like the feel of your current pad why not simply place it on top of the ElectraMouse Anti Static Mouse Pads? If a customer leaves about 3 inches exposed their wrist will touch the ElectraMouse and they can get to work feeling confident knowing their system will fully protect them from the damaging effects of static induced charges.



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