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ESD Floor Finish – Superlative Results On ALL Types of ESD Tile


ElectraSheen Sapphire II is Diamond Hard! The Hardest, Longest Lasting ESD Floor Finish In the Industry. Anti Static and protects your tech!

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Breathtaking Gloss / Diamond Hard! The Hardest, Longest Lasting Floor Finish In the Industry. Anti Static – Reduces nuisance static discharge! Perfect for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Retail, Supermarkets and More!


The first thing your customers notice and a major component showing the value your Company places on cleanliness and aesthetics. But typical floor finishes get dull and dingy in no time and can cause irritating little static zaps (when walking and pushing carts) distracting customers and reducing value while becoming a cumbersome, time consuming floor maintenance nightmare.


Sapphire helps control static while providing THE highest luster, lowest maintenance and longest lasting shine in the Industry, PERIOD.


Advances in the proprietary acrylic / urethane cross linking chemistry has made ElectraSheen Sapphire II ESD Floor Finish possible. One try easily convinces the most discriminating floor care professional of Sapphire’s unparalleled product superiority.


ElectraSheen Sapphire II has a diamond hard energy dissipating matrix that allows burnishing to levels 30% to 40% higher than conventional high gloss floor finishes while providing hardness levels 80 to 100% higher than THE most advanced finishes! In addition, Sapphire’s unique ability to reduce tribocharging (user induced static discharge caused by contact and separation of a persons shoes or the wheels of carts against the flooring) has earned the Zap Stops Here award from United SCP. ElectraSheen Sapphire II provides superlative results on all types of standard resilient tile, vinyl composition, terrazzo, ceramic tile and sealed wood and may also be used to adjust the conductivity of ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy as well as other ESD static conductive flooring.


ESD Floor Finish Features
  • Outstanding mirror like gloss!
  • Fast drying, problem free application!
  • Professional results Every Time!
  • Extremely hard and wear resistant!
  • Anti-static properties reduce nuisance static discharge and dusting! Sapphire’s excellent leveling and low suds properties allow for fast easy problem free application EVERY TIME!




ElectraSheen Sapphire II’s best results are obtained when the ESD floor finish is applied to surfaces that are 60o F or warmer. Remove old finish or wax with a high quality finish stripper. Mop up or vacuum the stripping solution and rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water. Apply up to 2 thin coats on ESD Flooring, 5 thin even coats on standard flooring (see engineering note below)*, allowing the finish to dry for approximately 30-45 minutes between coats (depending on humidity, temperature and air movement). Re-coating existing finish: Wash the floor with a neutral cleaner and allow it to dry. Apply thin even coats, allowing the finish to dry for approximately 30-45 minutes.


Routine maintenance program: Floor surfaces should be swept with a clean dry dust mop daily to remove abrasive loose dirt and sand. Damp mop floors with neutral cleaner often to remove soil, salt, and film deposits that can degrade the coating’s gloss. Floors may be high speed burnished to restore the gloss and harden the finish. Spray Buff with ElectraShine for best results.


* Engineering Note: This product may be used to adjust the conductivity of ElectraGuard and other static conductive flooring. Its use will raise the floor’s insulative properties and may be used to bring the flooring into the static dissipative (versus static conductive) range of electrical conductivity. Apply VERY THIN even coats. Test between coats (allowing 24 hours for the 1st coat to crosslink prior to testing). Do not over apply. 2 thin coats will raise the floors insulative properties substantially depending on the thickness of application.


ElectraSheen Sapphire II – Specifications
Spec Value
Nonvolatile Solids: 19 + 0.6%
Total Active: 25%
pH: 8.2 – 9.0
Gloss 600: 89 @ 5 coats
Color: Translucent White
Weight Per Gallon: 8.55
Slip Resistance (ASTM): 0.5 min.
Stability: 2 year min. at room temperature
Freeze / Thaw Stability: 3 cycles
Drying Time: 30-45 min.
Water Resistance: Excellent
Gallon Coverage (square feet): 1,500 to 2,000
Durability (ASTM D-968): 3,680 grams



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