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Static Conductive Material for Static Decay – Electrastat Type 180


Electrastat Type 180 static conductive (not merely antistatic) material for ULTIMATE static decay and ULTIMATE static control.


Free Shipping in the Continental USA Only* New! Common point ground cord included at NO CHARGE with Custom Cut ESD Table Top Mats made from this Material!


  • Interlocking ESD Flooring Runners
  • Anti Static and Anti Fatigue! Build to any length!
  • Outstanding static control for mission critical manufacturing


Give your employees the comfort they deserve. Give your product the static control PROTECTION it demands! THIS conductive interlocking anti-fatigue static control floor mat provides employee comfort! After all, a more comfortable technician is a more productive Technician!


ElectraStat 180 is a static conductive (not merely antistatic) material for ULTIMATE static decay and ULTIMATE static control. Type 180 features end pieces and center sections that interlock for a runner of ANY length. Type 180 is provided with a diamond plate vinyl top surface over an air cell shock absorbing underside. ElectraStat 180 (in combination with ESD heel straps), may be used as a replacement for ESD wrist straps for (for standing technicians). ElectraStat 180 easily meets the stringent new S 20.20 standards and provides static control properties that rival expensive ESD flooring at a fraction of the cost.


Static Conductive Material by United Static Control Products provide you with a quality product you can rely on.


  • Diamond Plate Top Surface
  • Pneumatic Shock absorbing underside
  • Outstanding static control properties
  • Outstanding ergonomic comfort and support
  • For standing technicians
  • Not for use with chairs or stools
  • Build to any length
  • Ramped outside edges
  • For covering thin pile glued down carpet and all surface flooring
  • Easy to ground (requires PN 115 ground cord kit).
  • Easy to clean!
  • Made in the USA and HEAVY DUTY
  • A full 1/2 inch thick
  • 28″ wide X 30″ long
  • Ramped outside edges
  • Center pieces and end pieces



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