Interlocking ESD Tile – Ultimate Static Control Protection!


Interlocking ESD Tile Flooring, ElectraTough saves your company over $20.00 per tile compared to our competitors AND get free shipping.


NO Adhesive Required!

Note: We are currently experiencing supply chain issues with this offering. For prefabricated mats of ANY size that are capable for use over hard surface flooring or thin pile carpeting please visit this page on our shopping cart!

FREE SHIPPING on this ESD Matting going to our Clients in the Continental U.S.A. Only. details apply

For use over any type of hard surface flooring and thin pile glued down carpeting! Simply Click and Lock! Save your company over $20.00 per tile compared to our competitors AND get free shipping and a bigger tile! Compliant to the latest ANSI ESD S20.20-2021 Standards!


ElectraTough Interlocking ESD Tiles are the Answer

United’s ElectraTough Mission Critical¬†Interlocking Solid Rubber ESD Floor Tiles work hard for a living! ElectraTough provides ultimate static control protection. They may be used over thin pile (direct glue down carpeting) and virtually any hard surface flooring substrate (including standard VCT and concrete). Whether electronic assembly, computer forensics or other Mission Critical applications, serious protection requires serious control of electrostatics. ESD “events” (and their consequences) are caused by the equalization or abrupt grounding of minute to POWERFUL electrostatic charges. Who wants THAT? When your applications are for “Mission Critical” ESD Protection that conforms to the latest ANSI / ESD standards. Get SERIOUS! Get ElectraTough!


Our unique interlocking flooring system is incredibly resilient. It handles the heaviest of rolling loads yet offers the flexibility for configuration to ANY size shape or plans for future expansion. Featuring Lifetime permanent conductivity and static control protection. Chair casters? Rolling equipment carts?  NO PROBLEM! Moving to a new location? Take your floor with you! Your last floor failed due to concrete vapor emissions? Never happen with ElectraTough! Fast COMPLETE electrostatic charge decay and FREE SHIPPING (details apply).


  • Interlocking ESD tiles. EASY install! Reuse or expand as needed!
  • Easily handles all concrete vapor emissions
  • Chair caster and cart friendly
  • Permanent conductivity
  • Absorbs shock, noise and vibration
  • Highly Chemical resistant
  • Handles all activity including heavy loads
  • Designed to cover any shape or size area
  • 100% Solid Rubber ESD tiles with safety beveled outside edges.
  • Will not leave adhesive residues on existing flooring.
  • For use of all hard surface flooring, concrete and thin pile glued down carpeting*
  • High Tech Pebble finish: great appearance and slip resistant traction. Easy discreet grounding with the ground foil tape included at NO CHARGE with your order. *Please note: on thin pile glue down carpeting small structures may require the use of double sided 2″ wide carpet tape around the perimeter (readily available at all hardware stores).

Part Number: 301-AS
Availability: In Stock
1′ X 2′ End Sections: $28.00
1′ X 2′ Corners: $34.64
2′ X 2′ Center Tiles: $46.20 ($11.55 PSF delivered)
Compare to our competition at $17.50 PSF with NO Free Shipping!

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