Static Control Smock – Outstanding ESD Protection, Indestructible!

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The ElectraWear Advanced Static Control Smock provide outstanding shielding from user induced static charges with premium quality.


$19.98 to 2XL. Only $3.00 more for sizes 3X to 6X.



8 week lead time, 30 piece minimum


ElectraWear Advanced Static Control ESD Smocks provide outstanding shielding from user induced static charges. They feature excellent conductivity via a low tribocharging polyester containing a minimum of 4% carbon suffused nylon. The precision alignment of sleeves and side panels provides excellent sleeve to sleeve and panel to panel throughput of static charges to ground. Each garment is provided with 4 mm side mount ground snaps. These smocks may be used with or without the optional smock ground cord (dependent on your esd program requirements).


  • Premium ESD Control at a realistic cost.
  • Indestructible and low tribocharging!
  • ZERO particulate attraction.
  • Recommended for Mission Critical ESD Control.
  • Non shedding for clean assemblies.
  • OUTSTANDING Color Selection!
  • Clean Room compliant yet perfect for ANY area!



ElectraWear Advanced Static Control Smocks are designed for fast, thorough and complete shielding of user induced static charges. The garments are ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 TR-53 test friendly. When used without the optional ground cord these garments are compliant to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 STM2.1, “static control garment”. When grounded using the optional smock ground cord they are compliant to ANSI/ESD STM2.1, “groundable static control garment.”


Extremely light in weight but made from INDESTRUCTIBLE tight knit polyester with triple stitched seams. Stain resistant. Class 1,000 and above clean room compliant fabric is standard but this smock is also available in a CLASS 100 Clean Room Fabric! An excellent choice for use in any environment.


Velcro Style cuffs standard, snap cuffs optional. Both configurations maintain excellent skin to smock contact for ultimate charge decay. Tightly woven 96% Polyester with 4% advanced carbon cross hatch fiber. Popular and professional! Mid length with side pockets.


Typical electrical resistance of this garment, human body and standard smock ground cord:

2.42E06 @ 29.3rH and 70 degrees F. Typical panel to panel and sleeve to sleeve resistance: <1.0E07 @ 29.3%rH and 70 degrees F.



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