Smock for Static Control – Indestructible Yet Lightweight Synthetic Fabric


ElectraWear ESD Smock = Professional Grade at a Realistic Price! We Challenge you to find a better one at Twice the Price!


Professional Grade at a Realistic Price!


We Challenge you to find a better ESD smock at Twice the Price!


ElectraWear ESD Smocks significantly shield and reduce static by providing an electrical conductivity that is considered SAFE and approved for use around Energized Equipment yet are fully compliant to THE most recent ANSI/ESD S 20.20 standards!


The ElectraWear ESD Smock is made of an indestructible yet light weight synthetic fabric with a 5 mm grid work of static control monofilaments. The major seams are triple stitched and each smock comes with an ID Badge Holder, a shoulder sleeve pocket, side pockets and easy to adjust snap style cuffs. This Smock is a breeze to launder and are a true wash and wear fabric. These garments are highly resistant to stains and may be washed (gentle cycle) in industrial washing machines OR at home (always wash separately and use a mild detergent such as woolite or a very small amount of tide 2x. Drying: Allow to hang dry for best results or dry using a VERY low heat setting for about 10 minutes prior to hanging.



Electrawear ESD Smock Features
  • Static Dissipative for Use Around Energized Equipment
  • PERFECT for Electronic Manufacturing, Labs and more
  • Safe and Consistent Static Control
  • Recognized as SAFE around energized equipment.
  • Compliant to FAA, Motorola and ATIS Standards
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014, Static Control Garment.
  • 2 year life expectancy
  • Warranted for 1 year or 100 washings (details apply)
  • Environmentally friendly and LOW VOC content
  • Snap style Cuffs and front closure, I.D. badge loop (for clip on ID badge holders), Side sleeve pocket perfect for pens, pencils etc.
  • Made in the USA with outstanding value.
  • Professional Grade – Easy wash and wear care.


Electrawear ESD Smock Specifications
Spec Value
Electrical Resistance >1.0E06 to 1.0E08 (static dissipative)
Sleeve to Sleeve Resistance <1.0E11 (static dissipative)
Glass Transition Temperature 250 degree F.
Composition 96% Poly, 4% nylon carbon monofilaments
Tear Strength: warp: 3.0 kg / weft: 1.9 kg (JIS L1096-6.15.5-D)
Flash Point: 1040 Degrees F. 1040 Degrees F.
Yarn Type, warp and weft Poly 75D/36F; Conductive 70D/25F polyamide base
Weave 2/1 twill with 5 mm grid
Air Permeability 6.0 CC/CM2/Sec (JIS-L1096-A)
ANSI/ESD S2020-2014 Compliant to Static Control Garment


Electrawear ESD Smock Size Chart
Size Length Chest Sleeve
XS 27” 44” 27.75”
S 28″ 45.5″ 28.75″
M 29″ 47.5″ 28.75″
L 30.25″ 48.5″ 29.75″
XL 31.25″ 50″ 29.75″
XXL 32.5″ 51.5″ 31″
XXXL 33.75″ 52″ 31″
4XL 34.75″ 55.5″ 32″
5XL 35.75″ 56″ 32.5″
6XL 36.75″ 57.5″ 32.75″



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