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ElectraWear Ultimate Cotton Poly


Heavy duty cotton poly, great feel, awesome looks! Breathable fabric keeps technicians cool! These heavy duty smocks feature a 2% precision aligned carbon suffused nylon filament and provide ULTIMATE static decay.


Sophisticated electrical properties! Use without ground cord for compliance to “Static Control Garment,” use with ground cord for compliance to ANSI/ESD S20.20 “groundable static control garment system.” Pass ISO and ESD audits with ease. Perfect for mission critical static control environments!


The Electrawear Ultimate Cotton Poly Smock allows hand movement freedom in concert with ultimate static control protection! in the past the grounding of seated technicians was typically accomplished via the use of a wrist strap and coil cord assembly. Although the straps provide good skin to ground contact the coil cord (coming from the wrist) can feel cumbersome and unwieldy. Electrawear’s ESD cuffs provide over 800% more contact than a standard wrist strap for optimum static control. To ground the smock (and technician) simply attach our ESD smock ground cord to one of the lugs (located above the side pockets on the smock) and terminate the cord to a reliable ground point.


The Electrawear Ultimate Cotton Poly Smock are manufactured using a Static Neutral Cotton / Poly Blend with 2% advanced carbon monofilament. ESD knit style cuffs standard. Ground Snaps are provided above each side pocket. Popular mid length smock. Includes reinforced side pockets, a breast pocket, ESD logo and side vents. Cotton Poly smocks are known in the industry as providing great looks and long lasting comfort, outstanding static control protection and years worth of problem free performance. Compare to the competition at $42.50 to 52.50 each, purchase Electrawear Ultimate Cotton Poly and save your ESD program a substantial amount of money while giving it the ESD protection it demands!


Electrawear ESD Smock Features
  • ESD Cuffs Standard (often used to eliminate wrist straps)
  • Snap cuffs optional.
  • Outstanding static control!
  • EASY compliance to mission critical standards!
  • Outstanding color selection!
  • QUALITY materials & finely crafted – Designed to last!
  • ROBUST Poly Cotton at affordable pricing!
  • COMPLIANT to Groundable Static Control Garment System when used with ground cord and attached to an electrical ground point.



The Electrawear Ultimate Cotton Poly ESD Smock is highly static conductive and compliant to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014″Groundable Static Control Garment System” (if used with the ground cord) OR to “Static Control Garment” (if not used with the ground cord). Each batch is tested at our lab using STM2.1 and each SMOCK is tested to TR-53 prior to leaving our facility! Your ASSURANCE of problem free performance once they arrive at your location. Electrawear Ultimate Cotton Poly’s are TR-53 test friendly and warranted to provide compliance to groundable static control garment system (combination resistance of smock, technician and ground cord to ground) of <3.5E07 for a period of 100 washings or 1 year.



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