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ESD Combo Tester – Provides Fast, Economical Testing of Wrist Straps


The CT-87 ESD Combo Tester without footplate and stand. Choose your options to add a stand or other options for testing heel straps too.

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8720 – Combo Tester without footplate and stand (for testing wrist straps only). Choose your options to add a stand or other options for testing heel straps too.


  • CT-8720 – Combo Tester Only = $504.50
  • CT-8725 – Tester with footplate (no stand, meter is mounted on wall, footplate is placed on floor). For testing wrist straps AND heel straps = $593.78
  • CT-8700 – Combo Tester with thick footplate and test monitor stand. For testing wrist straps AND heel straps = $759.99


The CT-87 Series ESD Combo Tester provides fast economical testing of wrist straps. When ordered with either of our optional footplates the basic unit becomes our CT-8725 (thin footplate and wall mount for meter) or our CT-8700 (thick foot plate with a stand that holds the meter). These optional footplates let the basic unit test wrist straps AND ESD heel straps (and shoes too) with one simple touch of the test button! All without changing test switches or switching from one foot to the other!


This ESD Combo Tester is our most popular unit for those that need the flexibility of testing wrist straps and heel straps (as most clients like the flexibility of easily moving the unit as their needs change). This ESD Combo Tester is available with a 1000 meg optional upgrade for clients wishing to test to some European standards and is also available with a door opening relay – if your straps don’t pass you can’t get thru the security doors and into an area.


The test unit individually displays an easy to understand pass or fail result via a LED readout and an audible signal. It’s NIST certified and in full conformance with US ANSI S20.20, European EN as well as many DIN standards and specifications. This high quality ESD testing instrument accepts domestic AND foreign wrist straps, plugs, 4mm or 10mm snaps and even the dual stereo plugs used for 3-M continuous wrist strap monitors. The unit is warranted for a year and comes complete with a calibration sticker and manual. Yearly re-calibrations are available at a cost of $45.00.


CT-87 – Features
  • Easy to use, easy to comprehend!
  • ISO Conformance just test and sign log
  • Accurate, conforms to CEEC / ANSI / ESD Specs
  • Available with heavy duty stand OR wall mountable.
  • No switch flipping or foot changing!
  • Automatic calibration, adjustable resistivity limits!
  • NIST certificate included, AC or DC powered!
  • Measures from 100 k ohms to 100 m ohms with optional measurement to 1,000 mega ohms.



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