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ESD Epoxy Floor Paint – ElectraGuard by United Static Control Products

ESD Epoxy Floor Paint – 10 year life expectancy. Permanent static control conductivity. For use over concrete AND standard tiles.

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Wear performance that rivals ESD tiles at less than 1/3 the cost!

Environmentally Oriented. ESD Epoxy Easily Meets Stringent Federal Regulations for Safety and produces ZERO VOC’S when cured – THE Most Wear Resistant ESD Epoxy Floor Paint in the Industry! Patented formulation. Only from United! 100% Amorphous Static Conductivity without the use of carbon particulate, carbon fiber or hygroscopic additives that may foul the production environment. Easily meets ANSI ESD S20.20-2021, 97.2 (for electronic manufacturing) with THE lowest charge generation in the Industry.


For use over a multitude of substrates including  concrete, standard VCT tiles and even wood. ElectraGuard is a proven performer at a realistic cost – MILLIONS of Square Feet Installed World Wide! Made in the U.S.A. Ten Year Life Expectancy. Permanent static conductivity warranted for the life of the product. You’ll never find a better hard surface floor for the money!


ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy features permanent static control performance and outstanding wear characteristics unrivaled by mere latex or acrylic based ESD paints.  ElectraGuard: Outstanding performance at a fraction of the cost of ESD Tiles, ESD thick set epoxy and ESD rubber flooring.


  • Compliant to the latest ANSI/ESD standards!
  • Spark Proof
  • Last 5 times longer than acrylic or latex ESD floor paint
  • Interacts flawlessly with drag chains, ESD Carts, etc.
  • Outstanding esthetics, ultimate load carrying capabilities
  • Proprietary formulation with a 25 Year track record
  • Wear performance that rivals ESD tiles at 1/3 the cost
  • ROHS Compliant,
  • Anti-Slip texture, Made in the USA
  • Environmentally oriented.
  • Easy to maintain, permanent static conductivity.
  • 24/7 live tech support available at no charge with each order!


ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy Floor Paint is a Proven Performer at a Realistic Price

Other ESD epoxy floor paints are latex / acrylic based and may show signs of coating failure after a mere 2 years. Our competitor’s ESD floor paints just don’t have the wear performance to provide a viable LONG TERM solution.


ElectraGuard – Wear characteristics far superior to mere solvent based urethanes and latex paints, rivaling those of thick set ESD epoxy flooring without the associated toxicity, disposal considerations and environmental impact.


ElectraGuard – Powerful permanent conductivity and (unlike most ESD vinyl floors) is capable of handling forklift and other heavy duty industrial traffic. Leave as is for low glare matte finish or top coat with ElectraThane Sealer followed by ElectraGlaze ESD Floor Finish for a diamond like shine and ultimate wear resistance.

Overview and Time Frame of typical Installation:  New ESD Epoxy concrete substrates should be allowed to cure for at least 30 days prior to application of this product. Applications to floors colder than 60 degrees F. is not recommended. Prior to application, prepare substrate (see full instructions), pre-test bond strength and install ground foil.

  • Day One: Roll first coat of ElectraGuard and allow it to dry.
  • Day Two: If you’ve had to repair the concrete mop down a thin coat of ElectraBond over the first coat of ElectraGuard and allow it to dry (about 2 hours). Roll the 2nd coat of ElectraGuard and allow it to dry.
  • Day Three: Roll optional 3rd coat of ElectraGuard and allow it to fully cure.
  • Day Four: For a high gloss, ultimate wear resistance and ease of maintenance seal the ElectraGuard with 2 thin coats of ElectraThane (applied with a mop) and 1 thin sacrificial coat of ElectraGlaze (applied with a finish mop or wax applicator).

ESD Epoxy Typical Coverage: 350 square feet per gallon per coat. Three coats provides optimum performance.


ESD Epoxy Care & Maintenance in a Nutshell:

  • Dry Dust Mop Daily
  • Damp mop as needed using a diluted solution of ElectraClean and water.
  • Note: Never use plain water or other floor cleaning chemicals as this may leave an insulative residue.
  • Auto Scrub if needed to remove ground in dirt and contaminants, start with lightest pad possible.
  • To easily remove scuff marks: High speed burnish using a white or champagne colored pad and ElectraShine.
  • Please click HERE to download the full maintenance instructions.

Move-in Tips: See this LINK


More Product Details

Notes and Additional Information:

ElectraGuard  Mission Critical ESD Flooring has been successfully used by Major Companies for over 25 years and meets THE latest standards of ANSI/ESD S20.21 page 6 table 2 “Personnel Grounding Requirement.”  ElectraGuard provides flawless combination resistance values and is TR-53 friendly. This flooring material will NEVER fail an ESD Audit.

Note: United recommends the use of new soft chair casters or Titanium Chair Mats (for hard chair casters) when rolling chairs directly over this product and all of our hard surface ESD floors. Soft chair casters look like hard casters but have a rubberized coating on the wheel. ElectraGuard ESD Epoxy is a thin set epoxy (approximately 7 mil thickness) and may exhibit slight variances in texture and color depending on the substrate of application. These variances do not affect the excellent electrical performance or wear characteristics.  ElectraGuard is not warranted against concrete contaminant bleed through. Other conditions may apply – see warranty for full details.

ESD Epoxy Specifications
Spec Value
Colors Medium Gray, Light Gray, Emerald Green, Beige, Black and Blue
Solids 39% +/- 1%
Static Charge Decay <0.01 sec. per FTMS 101B, Method 4046
Charge Generation ESD STM 97.2, Typical <7 V max (the limit to pass is <100 volts)
pH 6.0 – 7.0
Weight per Gallon 9.5 – 9.6 pounds
Hardness Shore D-66
Viscosity H – J (Gardner)
Solvents Water – Glycol
Flash Point >212 deg F.
Dry Time Touch; 7 hours
Moderate Traffic 12 hours, Full cure 7 days
Average Coverage 350 square feet per gallon per coat
ANSI ESD S20.20-2021, TR-53 Meets ESD S 20.20-2021, (page 6, table two) TR-53 Compliance Verification @ <1.0E09


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