ElectraFlow HDG 600

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Hand Held Air Blower Eliminates Static Neutralizes Static, Removes Contaminants, Helps to Stop Particulate Reattachment. FREE SHIPPING!

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The HDG 600 is a robust and powerful handheld point-of-use ESD ionizer / static control air blower. This ionizer works in concert with clean compressed air to neutralize and remove static charged particulate making it easy to blow parts clean and control particle reattachment.   The HDG 600 is perfect for providing a focused, controllable, cleansing and ionizing air stream to sensitive and delicate objects as well as larger assemblies and areas where electrostatic attraction causes contamination or handling problems.   The HDG 600 is very popular for use in electronic and medical device manufacturing yet so well built it can handle the non-stop demands of assembly lines, pre paint applications, and more.   How does the HDG 600 Work? The HDG 600 power supply transforms standard 120 VAC into a high voltage (4 KV) alternating current. This high voltage oscillating charge is directly coupled to the emitter pin located in the gun body nozzle. The outer portion of the nozzle is grounded via the high voltage cable. A current flows from the emitter pin to the earthed nozzle producing a balanced cloud of negative and positive ions. When the trigger is pressed a stream of compressed air passes thru this cloud, ionizing the air and neutralizing the static charge on an item placed in the stream.   Please Note: This item is NOT for use in flammable or explosive environments. The compressed air supplied to the unit must be clean and dry. Our 3 year warranty does not cover damage caused by moist or dirty compressed air.

ESD Ionizer / Static Control Air Blower Features

  • Controllable output for delicate to robust parts
  • Light weight yet robust air gun
  • Fast discharge time, typically <1 sec @ 6″
  • For use with clean, dry compressed air, 15 to 100 PSI
  • Generous 6 foot cables for easy mobility
  • Certificate of compliance at no charge with each unit
  • Self-Calibrating and includes airline and hose barbs
  • THREE Year Written Warranty! Built to last a lifetime! The HDG 600 meets or exceeds the recommended technical requirements of ANSI/ESD S 20.20- 2014 tested in accordance with STM3.1.


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