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ESD Shoe Grounders – Fast & Easy Slip on Design


SI-203B ESD Shoe Grounders for work boots, high heels, sneakers, shoes and more. Fast & Easy Slip on Design with a long conductive ribbon.


Velcro Fastener Over Toe. Self Adjusting Elastic Band for Length


The floor contact portion of the SI-203B ESD Shoe Grounders is manufactured using a heavy duty scuff resistant two layer conductive rubber. The floor contact surface is textured for outstanding anti slip protection and exceptional traction. United SCP SI-203B toe grounders last and meet the most stringent specifications of ANSI / ESD S2020-2014. Our quality extra long hypoallergenic conductive ribbon provides reliable long lasting performance. In most cases the static conducting ribbon is simply tucked into the shoe (some clients require tucking the ribbon into the sock to make intimate skin to ribbon contact). Each strap comes standard with internally molded 1 meg safety resistor. Each strap is individually packaged for secure deployment.


For Work Boots, Women’s High Heels, All types of Tennis Shoes, Dress Shoes and more. One size fits most. Fast & Easy Slip on Design with extra long conductive ribbon. ESD toe grounders contact the surface of ESD flooring more consistently than ESD heel straps and are a perfect selections for seated technicians that tend to raise their heels when working. Our SI-203B ESD shoe grounders feature a Velcro strap for setting the toe tension and a heavy duty elastic self adjusting strap that adjust the overall length. The SI-203B are very easy and fast to install on the shoe.


ESD Shoe Grounders Feature
  • Slip on self adjusting elastic straps for overall length
  • Meets ANSI, DOD & ESD specifications
  • Compliant to latest standards
  • Contain 1 Meg Safety Resistor
  • Extra long 18″ conductive ribbon stays put!
  • Individually packaged for secure deployment
  • One size fits most
  • Tire grade conductive rubber
  • Long last Flawless static control performance.



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