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ESD Wrist Strap Monitor – Single Threshold, Single User


Constant ESD wrist strap monitor continually checks all standard wrist straps for high resistance levels, broken cords or compromised skin.


Our ST-010 continually checks the integrity of the technician’s wrist strap connection to a reliable ground. Eliminates cumbersome repetitive testing and logging. Works with all standard wrist straps and is Made in America! 1-24 only $50.94 each! 25-50 only $48.13 each!


Constant ESD wrist strap monitor continually checks all standard wrist straps for high resistance levels, broken cords or compromised skin to strap contact, Single threshold (high resistance levels = alarm). Designed to test the ESD wrist strap of one user.


  • Continuous testing catches problems immediately!
  • Works great with all standard wrist straps!
  • Eliminates cumbersome logging procedures!
  • Doesn’t require expensive dual wire wrist straps!
  • Easy to comprehend for reduced training!
  • Audio AND visual alarm system!
  • American made and ROHS compliant!
  • TWO Year Warranty!
  • Fully tested via NIST certified equipment!


ESD Wrist Strap Monitor – Extended Information

Reliable performance of ESD matting and ESD wrist straps are critical for your product’s integrity and reliability. Yet hand testing and hand logging wrist straps and table top material performance is a cumbersome, labor intensive paperwork nightmare. Use of our ESD wrist strap and ESD bench mat monitors continuously verifies the effectiveness of your ESD protected workstation, simultaneously satisfies ISO logging requirements and insures outstanding product quality. Let’s face it: Wrist straps can fail, ESD mat cords can become detached. How much compromised product could you build before you catch the problem?


ESD constant monitors, the good, the bad and the UGLY: Now-a-days there are a variety of monitors to choose from. Many require expensive hard to find dual wire wrist straps, provide a pulsed verification a mere 10% of the time or are overseas knockoffs so cheaply made that FRAGILE should be in their part number! NOT SO with our monitors! These monitors provide 100% continuous verification, don’t require special wrist straps and these American Made monitors are designed to exacting close tolerance specifications backed by the strongest warranty in the industry! Most monitors are extremely sensitive to electrical noise and insulation leaks from products like nearby high voltage power supplies, neon lights, electrical motors, etc. RESULTS: irritating false alarms.


THE SOLUTION: new advanced noise filtration technology helps control this phenomena better than any other monitor in the industry! Designed to reduce cumbersome logging, save money and fit the requirements of the most stringent of ESD Programs these dependable ESD monitors provide verification of a single wrist strap (model 010), a single wrist strap AND ESD tri-layer or conductive bench mat (model ST 020) or DUAL wrist straps AND ESD conductive or tri layer table top mats (model ST030).



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