ElectroStatic Field Meter – Invaluable FOR EVERY ESD Program

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ElectroStatic Field Meter is used to isolate the perfect placement of an ESD ionizer on a static laden assembly and is invaluable.

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Locate the Static Charge and Neutralize it!

ESD Field Meter Test Static Polarity, Voltage and Ion Balance! The NEW Static Solutions Ohm-Stat ESD Field Meter is a palm sized electrostatic measuring device ideal for testing static voltages, polarities and even the ion balance of ESD ionizers! The FM-1126 is robust, lightweight and compact making it ideal for the periodic verification of the static control processes used in your facility.


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Use this Electrostatic Field Meter to isolate the perfect placement of an ESD ionizer on a static laden assembly. Test the accumulated voltage of a conveyer belt and find out where the static starts and where to focus your efforts. Test the accumulated charge on a technician. Now ground the person and the charge drops to zero. This easy to comprehend tool is invaluable for any ESD program. The tool is CE, RoHS and S20.20 Compliant. A calibration certificate is included with each meter. The multifunctional Ohm-Stat FM-1126 Electrostatic Field field meter incorporates a powerful static hardened microprocessor, an ion balance plate, grounding cable, and a soft shell case.



  • Accurate measurements of static voltages.
  • Accurate measurements of polarity.
  • RoHS compliant and free of conflict materials.
  • Unique focus ring LED’s show proper measuring distance.
  • Audible alarm protection if over range.
  • NIST Compliant, includes certificate of compliance.
  • Back lit technology, easy to read even in the dark!


Spec Value
Measuring Range: Static Voltage +0~+ 1.49kV (low range). +1.0~+ 20.0kV (high range).
Measuring Range Ion Balance 0~ + 200 Volts
Measuring Distance (charged item to device) 1″ + 0.5
Accuracy 10%
Ambient Limitations 50 degrees F. to 104 degrees F, 68%rH or lower
Power Supply V alkaline battery (30 hour approximate)
Display Large easy to read LCD display (digital and bar graph)
Weight with battery 30 lbs (w/o ionizer plate) .37 lbs with plate
Accessories 9 volt battery, soft case, ion plate, ground cord, cert
Dimensions of device w/o charge plate 4.5 X 2.7 X .9 Inch Drawing with ion balance plate



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