High Visibility ESD Heel Straps


Easy On / Easy Off. Non Marring for Shoes and Most ESD Floors. Easy to see who is wearing their heel straps and who is NOT!

High-res photos:


These professional grade ESD Heel grounders feature an easy to adjust florescent green / yellow hook and loop (Velcro style) adjustment that goes over the top of the footwear. They fit 99% of the shoes and boots on the market.

The back portion (shown in the photo) is the same bright and cheery color making them EASY for the ESD Coordinator to see who is wearing their heel straps and who is NOT! The 1.390″ extra wide black contact surface (that contacts the ESD floor) is sealed to help reduce scuff marks while providing flawless electrical conductance. This black conductive surface contacts a one megohm resistor electrically married to an 18″ long silver loaded ribbon that tucks in-between the wearers sock and shoe.

How do ESD Heel Straps work? The most common form of static generation is created by the technician! Contact and separation causes static. Whether its clothing rubbing against the skin, footwear contacting and separating from the floor or carts being rolled across the assembly area floor it’s EASY to generate a static charge! The electrostatic charge is stored on the technician. This charge finds the conductive ribbon, goes AROUND the insulative shoes and to the the ESD floor contact surface where it is SLOWLY discharged to ground.

These ESD heel straps are lead free (RoHS compliant) and are individually packaged for secure deployment. They meet or exceed the most stringent ANSI / JEDEC / MIL and ESD Standards. Compare the ESD heel grounders to Deco, Static Solutions, Amazon and ALL of our competitors. You’ll find:

United Provides THE most Competitive Pricing in the Industry on QUALITY ESD Heel Grounders!

  • Rugged, extra wide contact surface for the utmost in static decay
  • Individually packaged for secure deployment
  • Popular style that fits 99% of the shoes
  • Non marring inner surface, scuff resistant floor contact surface.
  • Decay rate <0.01 second!
  • Extra long 18″ conductive ribbon stays PUT!
  • 1 meg ohm resistor for safety
  • Acid, chemical and heat resistant
  • Velcro hook & loop tightening system for ease of use
  • Meets the latest ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021 Standards
  • Tested to ANSI/ESD SP9.2-2019
  • Extremely Clean and RoHS 3 Compliant!


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