Diamond Plate Military Switchboard Matting High Voltage PROTECTION!


Non Conductive Safety Matting for use around high voltage power sources. Outstanding selection AND Pricing, fully Compliant, custom cut lengths and full rolls!

FREE SHIPPING on this Electrically INSULATIVE Switchboard Matting going to our Clients in the Continental U.S.A. AND Canada! Details Apply.

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Free Shipping in the Continental USA Only* New! Common point ground cord included at NO CHARGE with Custom Cut ESD Table Top Mats made from this Material!


Our 208-AS high voltage switchboard matting meets the tough military specifications of 15562-G Type II. It’s highly resistant to ozone, acids, flames and a variety of industrial chemicals used in industry. 208’s unique diamond plate textured top surface provides outstanding slip resistance. It’s easy to keep clean yet robust and designed to provide years worth of reliable protection from high voltage events.


Our Diamond plate switchboard matting is designed to PROTECT technicians from high voltages around highly energized equipment and switchboards. Without switchboard matting exposure to electrical power sources can flow through the technician and in many cases ground out through the persons shoes to the semi-conductive concrete beneath their feet.


  • Diamond Plate is Designed for hard surface floor applications.
  • 30,000 volts, 15,000 volts AC Proof Test
  • Ozone, acid and flame resistant
  • Designed to meet strict military standards
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 3/16″
  • Meets all test methods and property requirements of military specification 15562-G, Amend .3, Type II
  • Certificate of compliance available upon request when you place your order.



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