Anti Static Wrist Straps – Comfort AND Long Term Performance


These Industrial strength metal band ESD anti static wrist strap and cord assemblies provide comfort AND long term performance.


Professional Grade! Outstanding Longevity & Reliability


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Now available in the following sizes:


Large: 18.5 cm (7.28″)
Medium:16.5 cm (6.50″)
Small: 13.34 cm (5.25″)
ID #: PN SI 109


These Industrial strength metal band anti static wrist straps and cord assemblies provide comfort AND long term performance. The outside of each stainless steel link is provided with an insulative scratch resistant cap or film for added safety and resistance to non controlled discharge. Cords contain built in 1 meg ohm safety resistor, fully compliant to all standards including the new ANSI ESD S 20.20-2014. These straps work great with our constant monitors and provide a dependable discharge of static electricity for even the most demanding of mission critical application.


  • Self adjusting for comfortable yet secure fit.
  • A wrist strap with ultimate comfort and longevity
  • Inner links static conductive.
  • Outer links static dissipative.
  • Durable heavy duty polyurethane coated cord.
  • Standard Banana jack AND alligator clip termination.
  • 1 meg resistor for added safety.
  • Individually packaged for secure deployment
  • Generous 6′ coil cord (fully extended)
  • Heavy Duty 3/8 (10 mm) snap and cord
  • NEW same anti-static wrist strap with 12′ ground cord (fully extended) now only $7.95 each, click here to buy online!



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