Mission Critical Prefabricated and Portable ESD Floors


Calculate the square footage of your project by measuring the length times the width of your area. Do not butt these tiles up tightly against the walls. They MUST have at least 3/8 of an inch for expansion and contraction. Your walls MAY NOT be straight. BE sure to measure in several locations.

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Currently available in structures as wide as 15 feet and as long as 25 feet! Rectangular or square. Handles THE heaviest of loads when installed over concrete or another hard surface floors. NO adhesive required. NO adhesive odors! Seamless appearance. Expandable! Supplied as a kit. Easy on site reassembly. Includes grounding hardware, fully tested and certified to the latest ANSI ESD S20.20 standards



Save The Huge Cost and Disruption of Prepping Concrete for Glue Down Tiles or Tearing Out that Old Hard Surface Flooring!

Another FIRST from United Static Control Products! We started out manufacturing these prefabricated structures as ESD mats but have now refined our process to encompass Prefabricated ESD flooring! These structures are PERFECT for small to medium size areas. They may be used over a variety of hard surface floors and some clients have been using them over thin pile office grade carpeting with NO reported issues.

Features Include:

  • FAST installation, NO Odors, No adhesives and NO Headaches.
  • 3 MM thick! NO thick ramps and NO tripping hazards needed.
  • COMPLIANT to ANSI ESD S20.20-2021.
  • THE lowest tribocharging tile on the market!
  • Anti-Slip (helps reduce slip and fall workman’s comp claims).
  • Case Hardened Top Surface – Diamond like wear resistance!
  • Lifetime Warranty on Static Control Properties.
  • Reusable. Moving to a new facility? Take your floor with you!
  • 20 year Warranty on Wear (foot traffic)*
  • Perfect for use over ANY hard surface flooring!
  • Excellent for covering old asbestos laden tiles, concrete, linoleum, sheet vinyl, epoxy and more!


How are they made and how do they control static electricity?

We build these structures from interlocking 3 mm thick ESD tiles that have been precision cut using advanced CNC machining to cut the teeth. These teeth tightly interlock thus providing an ESD floor that looks SEAMLESS in appearance.

Controlling Electrostatics Requires Electrical Conductance!

As such, the backs of these tiles have a fully conductive backing. The top surface of these tiles are less conductive but incredibly tough!

This combination electrical resistance slows and “cools” the static discharge as it migrates the charge harmlessly to the electrical ground system of your building.

No Matter WHAT you are Building or HOW SENSITIVE your Equipment is to Static Electricity, Mission Critical Prefabricated ESD Floors Have You Covered!

We fabricate these structures in our Colorado Facility, cut the outer edges straight, test the structures to the latest ANSI S20.20 standards, number the tiles, disassemble them and ship them flat in cartons for easy reassembly. Simply tap them back together using a mallet and the easy to follow pattern and simple grounding instructions provided in your paperwork!


How effective are these ESD floors and are they easy to maintain?

Make no mistake! These prefabricated ESD floors are every bit as effective as glued down ESD tiles and ESD Epoxy floors.

Easily meet the latest ANSI / ESD S20.20 static charge generation requirement of less than 100 volts when tested to 97.2 – The Holy Grail of Static Control!

Maintenance: Dust mop the flooring at the end of the shift. Scuff marks may be removed using the abrasive side of a Swiffer wet jet in conjunction with their multi purpose cleaner. Damp mop as needed using a dilute solution of ElectraClean and cool clean water. Dip new, non linting rayon mop in pail. Ring out. Mop floor and change mop water frequently. These tiles have a semi gloss finish from our factory. For a higher gloss that sparkles, coat the pre-cleaned tiles with 2 THIN coats ElectraGlaze floor finish.

Note: Unlike Armstrong SDT tile, these tiles DO NOT require ESD floor finish for their electrical conductivity.

The Finished Look!


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Pale Gray, Dark Gray, Charcoal


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