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Non Conductive Corrugated Switchboard Matting


Non Conductive Safety Matting for use around high voltage power sources. Outstanding selection AND Pricing, fully Compliant. Custom Cut Lengths and Full Rolls!

FREE SHIPPING on this Electrically INSULATIVE Switchboard Matting going to our Clients in the Continental U.S.A.! Details Apply.


This corrugated matting is specifically designed to provide the utmost in electrically insulative floor matting. 206’s corrugated texture provides even footing and added dielectric stability helping to further isolate the technician from ground. It’s easy to clean and resistant to most of the common chemicals used on the job site.

Note: Please allow up to three weeks for us to ship this product.


Although designed for use as a high voltage switchboard mat 206-AS, when this corrugated switchboard matting is tested to S7.1 @ 100 volts point to point and resistance to ground provides an electrical resistance of >1.0E12 at 10%rH making it a perfect insulative substrate for use as a bench top covering for accurately testing esd control bags, smocks, table top materials and other static dissipative items to the various new ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 and TR-53 standards.


Warranty: United SCP’s Non-Conductive Corrugated Switchboard Matting Product 206-AS is warranted to meet the physical and electrical property specifications for the life of the product. Product 206AS meets the specifications of ANSI/ASTM D178-01, Type II, Class 2 and all associated Electrical and Fire Resistance Standards.


  • For hard surface and short pile carpet applications
  • Corrugated surface provides non-slip protection
  • Insulates and prevents shocks up to 40,000 volts.
  • Ozone and flame resistant
  • Color: Black
  • Dielectric Strength – 30,000 VAC
  • Insulating strength up to 40,000 volts
  • Thickness: 1/4”
  • Color: Black. Note not tested to Mil Specs
  • Tested and compliant to ANSI/ASTM D-178-93 Type 2, Class II



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