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URAS Max Pro is a high bond strength, fiber reinforced peel and stick (dry) flooring adhesive designed for permanent flooring installations.

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URAS Max Pro is a high bond strength, fiber reinforced peel and stick (dry) flooring adhesive. It is designed for permanent flooring installations over a multitude of existing hard surface flooring substrates including well bonded and structurally sound VCT, thick set epoxy, VAT and sheet vinyl.


Unlike our URAS Releasable peel and stick flooring, URAS Max Pro is designed with an aggressive bond on both sides of the surfaces. This specific peel and stick flooring is highly resistant to plasticizers, chemicals, aging and heat. The tear out and demolition of a standard VCT tile floor cost anywhere from $3 to $6 per square foot!


And, this doesn’t even start to cover the cost of removing the old adhesive! URAS Max Pro saves the aggravation and high cost of removing the old flooring at a cost of under $2.00 per square foot. Plus, URAS Max Pro is environmentally friendly!


Why Add MORE Old Flooring to the Landfill?
  • Save the high cost and disruptions of removing the old flooring
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Designed for a permanent secure bond
  • Excellent for use in covering flooring containing asbestos
  • Fast, clean and NO Odor Installations
  • Appropriate for use over most well bonded, structurally sound flooring materials


Peel and Stick Flooring Installation in a Nutshell

What is a Dry Adhesive? Dry adhesives are sheets or strips made with an adhesive on both sides. Dry adhesives require no air time, setting or dry time. There is no odor and no adhesive mess to cleanup. URAS is acrylic based, contains zero formaldehydes and has unrestricted waste disposal. Immediately after application the newly installed flooring is ready for heavy loads and heat welding (if needed or required).


Note: Unlike our URAS Releasable, this adhesive peel and stick flooring will leave residues on the interfaces of the bonded materials if ever removed.


Note: This product must only be applied to surfaces that are permanently dry (<3 lbs per 1000 SF over a 24 hour period using the calcium chloride test method). Further, the substrate to receive the flooring must be structurally sound, flat and free of dust, grease and oils.


Note: ALWAYS perform a mockup test prior to installing the entire floor to confirm that the bond strength and weldability are appropriate for your installation.


The Process Step-by-step
  • Inspect all URAS and flooring materials upon arrival.
  • Allow them to acclimate at least 72 hours prior to installing.
  • Sheet Vinyl: Rough cut the sheet vinyl to length and flatten.
  • Prepare subfloor. Install 2″ Siga SuperTape around perimeter of room.
  • Install URAS Max and double cut the seams.
  • Remove the (recyclable) paper liner exposing adhesive.
  • Install flooring
  • Roll the area all directions with a 100 pound vinyl roller.
  • Sheet Vinyl: Double cut slightly overlapped seams. Groove and heat weld. The heat welds shall be structurally sound and an integral part of the floor (not simply a filler for the groove).



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