Resistivity Tester, RT-500 – Testing is Imperative for ESD Compliance!


Electrical Resistance testing is imperative for proving ESD compliance . Get it with the RT-500 Resistivity Tester!


An Electrical Resistivity Tester is imperative for proving ESD flooring and matting compliance for your stringent ESD requirements as well as Taming those nasty gremlins at ISO etc…


With a multitude of accessories available this meter can grow with your needs and is so well built it’s designed to last a lifetime. Lightweight, versatile, robust and portable this device measures electrical resistivity ranging from 1.0E03 to 1.0E12. The RT can use both internal and external test probes.


The Ohm-Stat™ RT-500 – Measure Surface Resistivity via parallel electrodes or concentric rings. Tests Resistance to Ground (RTG), Resistance between Two Points (RTT) and Volume Resistance using two 5 lb. 2.5” disk probes (optional). Tests each sleeve of a garment for continuity or performance of ESD seating. Test shoes, heel grounders, and wrist straps with optional accessories.


Conforms to ANSI/ESD (S4.1, S7.1, S12.1, and S2.1), EN 61340.5.1, and ASTM-F150 standards. This Resistivity Tester is Designed for quality inspection of incoming materials: floor finishes, floor mats, table mats, conductive floor tiles, work surfaces, paints, bags, wrist straps, common point ground cords, footwear, packaging materials, clothing, and ESD chairs in static controlled areas. Data reported via LED display (not a digital display like our RT 1000).


  • Multi Range – 103 – 1012 ohms -100 percent accuracy
  • LED Readout – Easy to comprehend
  • Multi Function – Measures RTT, RTG and volume resistance
  • Compliant – Meets ANSI / ESD,  UL and most ASTM standards
  • Compliant – to most Military and all EIA and EN standards
  • Automatic – 10 to 100 volts, automatic voltage selector
  • Automatic – zeroing
  • Portable – Small, light weight – 2.6 x 5 x 1.2 inches, 8.4 oz.



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