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Static Control Brush with Static Conductive Nylon Handle


Static Control Brush is an Anti Static Brush with static conductive nylon handle. This ESD brush is used to remove particulate and debris.

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This ESD brush features medium firm 1″ long bristles, it’s heat resistant and is made with nylon fibers that won’t slough carbon and get your parts dirty. It has a static conductive handle permanently bonded to static dissipative bristles for a fast yet controlled discharge of static electricity thru the grounded technicians hand.


$1.00 ea 10-24
$2.00 ea 25 Plus!

WT-07 5.5″ x 1.5″ ElectraBrush Static Control Brush is an anti static brush with static conductive nylon handle. This ESD brush is used to remove particulate and static laden dust and debris. It is clearly marked with the international ESD safe warning logo. This brush features static dissipative bristles bonded to a static conductive handle thus providing an excellent charge decay of the static through the grounded technician. It is heat resistant to 175 degrees F. and resistant to most common chemicals used in the electronic assembly environment. This brush is compliant to the latest ESD association recommendations for use in static control environments with a volume resistance of >1.0E04 and <1.0E11 when tested to ANSI/ESD STM11.12-2007. Perfect for electronic manufacturing and for use in all static sensitive environments.


WT-07 5.5″ x 1.5″ ElectraBrush® Anti Static Brush – Features

  • Static conductive handle.
  • Static dissipative bristles.
  • Chemical resistant nylon bristles and handle.
  • Non sparking and heat resistant.
  • Carbon free bristles with NO carbon sloughing.
  • Heat resistant to 175 Degrees F.
  • Fast and efficient charge decay.
  • Marked with International ESD symbol.


WT-07 5.5″ x 1.5″ ElectraBrush® Anti Static Brush – Specifications

Detail Value
Bristle Type Medium firm 0.012″ thick dissipative nylon
Fibers per ANSI/ESD STM11.12-2007 > 1.0E04, <1.0E11
Handle per ANSI/ESD STM11.12-2007 > 1.0E04, <1.0E06
Bristle Trim Length Approximately 1 inch
Bristle Head Width Approximately 1.75 inches
Bristle Head Height (total of bonded bristles) Approximately 1/8 inch
Total Length Approximately 5.5 inches
Handle Width Approximately 1/4 inch (semi flat)
Heat Resistance 80 degrees C. / 176 deg F.
Supplied in units of 1, 10 and 25 Part Number: WT-08





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