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The SL-280 ElectraHawk hand held Static Eliminating Air Blower delivers a highly refined static eliminating air stream with a wide use.

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The SL-280 ElectraFlow Hand Held Static Eliminating Air Blower / Anti Static Air Gun delivers a highly refined static eliminating air stream designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. With a balanced static neutralizing 0 +/- 15 Volt output, the SL-280 provides unparalleled blow off capabilities in concert with high efficiency cleaning and MAXIMUM static charge decay.
The gun body and associated cables are lightweight yet highly durable. The gun features a light touch adjustable trigger and an all inclusive operating system for ease of operator convenience. Built in LED lighting serve as indicators of power and ionization.


Full functionality is built into the gun including an adjustable air flow control valve.


From delicate components to heavy assemblies the ElectraHawksl-280 has the looks, feel, and performance of a finely crafted tool designed to last a lifetime! Suitable for class 100 Clean Rooms, light weight, durable and easily capable of meeting stringent ESD Standards. Outstanding quality and performance for medical manufacturing and packaging, precision parts assembly, optical particulate removal cleaning of glass and molded parts prior to finishing and static sensitive PC boards and components that are used in the manufacturing of sophisticated static sensitive electronics.


SL-280 Static Eliminating Air Blower – Features
  • Eliminates static laden dust and particulate!
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for user comfort.
  • Fully warranted and LOW easy maintenance!
  • Includes 1 Micron final air filter!
  • Includes foot operated on off switch at NO additional charge!
  • Fast easy setup (99.5% pre assembled).
  • Adjustable Air Flow control valve built into trigger assemblies.
  • Ionization indicator light verifies that ionization is present.
  • Class 100 clean room compliant!
  • Final filter ensures optimum 1 micron air output cleanliness.
  • 0 Volts +/- 15 V, self adjusting output balance.
  • Fully Compliant with stringent DIN Ozone Generation Standards.



Each unit is serialized and fully Tested to ANSI Standard per EOS/ESD S3.1 for static decay. Ozone generation is tested in accordance to DIN EM 100 015/1: <01ppm, Calibration certificate included with each device. Comes complete with a foot operated switching unit that is normally supplied as an expensive OPTION by out competitors! Includes 1 micron final air filter! The filter is located in the gun handle, it’s in stock, easily replaceable and has a normal life expectancy of 2 years!


Static Eliminating Air Blower – Technical Specifications
  • Ion Balance / Off Set Voltage: 0V +/- 15
  • Blow off force: 180 grams at 100 PSI, 2 inch diameter target, 3″ from gun
  • Gun Construction: Polycarbonate / ABS handle, Polyurethane cable
  • Input Voltage: 115 VAC Standard / 230 VAC Optional (50 to 60 Hz)
  • AC Plug Configuration: USA Style Standard / Country Specific Plugs Optional
  • Size of Power Supply: 200 mm (L) x 135 mm (W) x 89 mm (H)
  • Handle Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Total Weight with cables and Power Supply: Approximately 4kg
  • Maximum Pressure: 100 psi, dry filtered air or nitrogen
  • Flow / Consumption at 30 PSI: 2.4 SCFM
  • Flow / Consumption at 60 PSI: 4.6 SCFM
  • Flow / Consumption at 100 PSI: 7.4 SCFM
  • Discharge Time: (1000 v to 100 v): 1.3 seconds at 6” and 30 psi, <1.0 sec at 2” and 60 psi
  • Air Output Pattern: Targeted and easily controllable
  • Cable Lengths: 2.2 Meter standard, 5.2 Meter length optional
  • Ozone Generation DIN EM 100-015/1: Compliant – typical output <0.003 ppm @15 cm
  • Approval: CE, UL and CUL
  • OSHA: Pressure relief nozzle compliant with OSHA requirements
  • Noise Levels Measured at 24″ from Nozzle: 76 dba at 30 PSI, 89 dba @ 60 PSI, 97 dba @ 100 psi
  • Final Air Filter Output (replaceable): 1 Micron


SL-280 Static Eliminating Air Blower – Extended Information

Method of Operation: The Power Supply transforms standard electricity into a high voltage charge that is directly coupled to the hardened ionizing electrode pin located in the center of the nozzle. The outer portion of this static dissipative coated nozzle is connected to a reliable earthed ground. The current flow from the pin to the earthed internal portion of the earthed nozzle produces a cloud of positive and negative ions that balances and neutralize a static charge. When the trigger is depressed a stream of purified compressed air or nitrogen is injected thru this cloud of ions providing a static neutralizing stream that readily removes contaminates and eliminates static induced dust partial re-attachment.


SL-280 Static Eliminating Air Blower – Basic Installation: (detailed instructions are supplied with each unit): The SL-280 is supplied with an 5/16 OD 2 foot long air line and several types of standard quick disconnect connectors with standard hose barbs designed to fit a multitude of US air supply filters. Insure that the compressed air entering the unit is filtered and free of dust, rust, water and other contaminants that may adversely effect the performance of this unit. The power supply unit is equipped with a quick connect push on female fitting. Simply cut the end of the tubing (square cut) and push the air supply tubing into the female fitting while pushing in on the blue collar lock. Insert the tubing into the fitting until the tube bottoms out. Release the locking collar. The tube is now secured to the power supply. Attach the correct hose barb and quick disconnect that is used in your facility to the opposite end of the tubing and attach this fitting to your filtered air supply. Plug the power cord into the power supply. Attach the foot operated power pedal into the back of the power supply


The HV / Air Supply cable is pre-attached to the power supply. Tighten the gland nut if needed. Your unit is now ready to go to work.



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