ElectraFlow HDO-205 Overhead 3 Fan ESD Ionizer

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This Triple Fan Ionizer features high output, fully adjustable airflow, on demand overhead lighting, long life tungsten emitters.

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Our HDO-205 static control 3 fan overhead ionizer provides a wide yet powerful balanced output of ions that neutralize a static charge in seconds.

These are the workhorses of industrial overhead ionizers with a 15 year proven track record of success!

They are the perfect solution for medium to large ESD workbenches. They are popular for use in eliminating static from a variety of industrial applications including paper processing, precision assembly and more.

Unlike many ionizers that require continual maintenance, the HDO-205’s self-balancing circuitry continuously adjusts to compensate for emitter point wear, line voltage fluctuations, variations in air velocity and air particulates, keeping maintenance to a minimum and performance to a maximum. The HDO-205 features high output, fully adjustable airflow, on demand overhead lighting, long life tungsten emitters (typical life span five years and easy to replace) and housings manufactured of a lightweight aluminum alloy with a static dissipative powder coating for a meticulous high tech finish.

The HDO-205’s feature a super heavy duty power supply, wiring and emitter points!

Our Heavy Duty ElectraFlow Ionizers are so robust we provide them with and a full THREE Year Warranty. Why pay $1,1157 for a similar 3 fan ionizer? Call United SCP, save your ESD program a substantial amount of money and get the same high quality and performance you demand from a reliable supplier with a great product and a proven track record.


Mission Critical Overhead 3 Fan ESD Ionizer – Features
  • Powerful! High performance output, an outstanding value
  • Patented self balancing ionic output
  • 15 year track record with many still in service!
  • Built in emitter point cleaners, Tungsten alloy long life emitters
  • Up to 330 CFM air output
  • Adjustable high output multi speed fans
  • Certificate of compliance at no charge with each unit
  • +/- 7 volt offset voltage balance! No calibration required
  • Heavy duty mounting bracket built onto each unit
  • Energy efficient on demand work lights
  • Aluminum alloy housing, powder coated anti-static finish
  • THREE Year Written Warranty! Built to last a lifetime! The HDO-205 meets or exceeds the recommended technical requirements of ANSI/ESD S 20.20- 2014 tested in accordance with STM3.1.


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