Ultra Static Control Char Mats With Permanent Static Conductivity


Ultra Static Control Char Mats feature an unbelievably hard wear resistant top surface and provides ULTIMATE permanent static conductivity.


For Use on Padded or Thick Carpeting. The portable ESD Floor for your workstation! Lifetime Warranty on Conductivity and Made in the U.S.A!

Real static control protection with an electrical resistance that safely allows the combination resistance values of carts, esd chairs and personnel to EASILY pass the latest most stringent standards!



This chair mat must be shipped flat (it cannot be rolled). Please Call us for shipping rates. Shipping charges vary according to number of items ordered, the weight of the items and the method of shipping. These chair mats do not qualify for our free shipping program. Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) must ship via motor freight (can not ship via regular UPS or FedEx).


The problem with ordinary anti static chair mats is they rely on ambient environmental humidity to render the clear plastic material slightly static conductive. When the humidity is high (and when you need your mats to work the least) they provide a very slow path for the static electricity to be conducted to ground. BUT when the humidity is low (and when you need your mats to work the best) they simply STOP working! In essence they’re pretty much electrically insulative, they just don’t meet standards for TRUE static control protection NOR do they meet the stringent requirements of the electronic manufacturing industry, sophisticated networked offices or FAA / 911 control centers, labs or mission critical Military operations.



Our Ultra Static Control Chair mats are custom manufactured here in Colorado using our Titanium static conductive (not mere anti static) ESD flooring sheet vinyl. This material features an unbelievably hard wear resistant top surface laminated to a full surface conductive backing and provides ULTIMATE permanent static conductivity in all environments and at all humidity levels.


Spec Value
ESD S 7.1: PTP Surface Resistivity PTP >1.0E04 <1.0E06 (ESD conductive)
ESD S 7.1 Electrical Resistance to Ground >1.0E04 <1.0E06 (ESD conductive)
ANSI ESD STM 97.1: Combination Resistance < 3.5E07
NFPA 484-2015 (tested at 500 volts) < 3.5E07
NFPA 484-2015 (tested at 500 volts) < 1 meg
Tribo charging characteristics (per ESD 97.2) < Typically less than 5 Volts (passing is less than 100 volts)
Flooring Radiant Panel: NFPA 253: Critical Radiant Flux 0.73 W/cm2, Class 1
Flooring Radiant Panel: NBSIR 75-950: Critical Radiant Flux Pass, Class 1
Flooring Radiant Panel: ASTM-648: Critical Radiant Flux 0.73 W/cm2, Class 1
Smoke Density, ASTM E-662; NFPA 258; Average optical density in burning / smoldering mode <450
Residual Indentation LF-475A 0.002 average
Abrasive Wear, Taber H-18 wheel, 5,000 cycles, 1,000 gm weight 1.1% loss of weight
Abrasive Wear, Taber H-18 wheel, 1,000 gm weight to wear layer penetration (end point) >20,000 cycles, <2.0% loss of weight
Static coefficient of friction, ASTM D-2047-03, James Test average wet, dry leather .60 approx.
Static load limit DIN 16961.2 >1,000 PSI
Charge decay time per FTMS 4046-101c < .17 seconds
Spark Test: 300 mm metal file, 1.8 meter arc, darkened room PASS
Total Thickness of underlayment: .250″ and .060 thick vinyl covering Approximately 5/16 of an inch


Hardboard Specifications
Property Signature S2S, 3/16″ Signature S2S, 1/4″
Density (Lbs./Cu. Ft.) 63 54
Modules of Rupture (PSI) 8,000 6,500
Modules of Elasticity (PSI) 800,000 600,000
24 hr. Thickness Increase 20% 15%
Moisture Content 3-5% 3-5%
Internal Bond 220 psi 120psi
Linear Expansion 0.3% 0.3%
Formaldehyde Emissions < .1 ppm < .1 ppm
Accelerated Aging MOR Retention min. 50% min. 60%
Hardness > 2200 psi > 2200 psi


  • Perfect for Mission Critical Static Control!
  • THE most sophisticated esd flooring in the industry!
  • Excellent for Manufacturing, Labs, Munitions.
  • Ultimate Protection – 911 Centers, FAA Control Towers!
  • Certification included with Each Mat!
  • Passes ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014, 97.2 with a charge generation of less than 5 volts!


Testing & Certification

Each 40220 HSB or HSC Mat is thoroughly tested to ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 standards. Documentation is provided with each mat upon request (an additional fee may be incurred). Our testing provides the following:


Test Method 1 (conductivity): ANSI/ESD S 20.20-2014 (page four, table two) TR-53 Footwear / Flooring Section Compliance Verification utilizing methods partially incorporated into ANSI/ESD STM7.1-2013 and STM 97.1.

NOTE: Passing is <1.0E09. Results shown for method 1: Matting and Ground Cord Electrical Resistance to Ground (average of 5 readings), Point to Point Electrical Resistance (average of 5 readings) and the Electrical Resistance of a Technician in heel straps with the matting and ground cord per STM 97.1 (average of 5 readings).


Test Method 2 (charge generation): ANSI/ESD S 20.20-2014 (page four, table two) TR-53 Footwear / Flooring Section Product Qualification per STM 97.2. NOTE: Passing is <100 volts.



Ultra Static Control chair mats are warranted for LIFETIME Static Control Performance, LIFETIME topical wear performance and LIFETIME compliance to ANSI ESD S20.20-2014, DOD 4146.26-M* and NFPA 484-15* ESD Standards. The ground cords are warranted for one year. These mats support chair caster traffic nicely but they are NOT designed for continual substrate to mat chair caster traffic. This type of traffic may cause chipping to the edges of these mats. Edge chipping is NOT covered under the warranty. BE SURE to order your mat in a wide enough width and long enough length to avoid this issue.



The chair should always stay on the Ultra Static Control chair mat. Use ONLY ElectraClean and water or ElectraMat to clean these mats. Other cleaning chemicals may leave an insulative residue and make the mats brittle. *Note: May require a resistor free ground cord for NFPA and DOD standards. NOTE: These mats are custom cut and built to order. They are a non-refundable item.

Using our proprietary conductive odor free adhesive we laminate this material to our Green Core S2S Electrically Insulative Engineered Hardboard. We smooth the edges of the 5/16 thick mat and install pre punched ground snap holes allowing easy placement of our snap and ground cord kit (included with your order) on ANY corner of the mat.

Simply attach the end of the ground cord to either the center screw of an AC Face Plate Cover or ground the cord as stated in your esd program manual. Each mat is thoroughly tested to and Certified to the latest standards with the Compliance paperwork being included with your mat (see Electrical and Physical Specifications for what is included with your certification).



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