Mission Critical ESD Matting – Reliable, Easy to Custom Cut, Lays Flat

UltraComfort Mission Critical ESD Mats utilizes a 3 layer construction. Its wear resistant top surface is bonded to a soft underlayment.


Free Shipping in the Continental USA Only* New! Common point ground cord included at NO CHARGE with Custom Cut ESD Table Top Mats made from this Material!


As low as $59.52 DELIVERED


Tri-Layer Static Dissipative Bench Matting Full Rolls and Precut Sizes. REAL static control protection with an electrical resistance to ground of greater than 1.0E06 and <1.0E09 provides CONTROLLED static decay rates of 2.5kV to 100 volts in <0.02 seconds! EASILY compliant to the latest most stringent standards!


UltraComfort Mission Critical ESD Table Top Matting for static control utilizes a proprietary 3 layer construction, consisting of a tough but flexible, easy to clean, static dissipative vinyl top surface permanently laminated to a static conductive internal inner layer bonded to a static dissipative non-slip foam bottom layer.


UltraComfort Mission Critical ESD Matting meets the stringent NEW recommendations of ANSI ESD S.2020-2014, JEDEC EIA 625, MIL-HDBK-263 and MIL-STD-1686. UltraComfort is not dependent on humidity for conductivity and passes critical esd audits with ease. Unlike many antistatic mats UltraComfort’s shielded conductive inner layer provides a continuous equipotential ground plane for outstanding consistency in static decay.


UltraComfort is easy to clean and resistant to many common chemicals used in manufacturing. UltraComfort is perfect for use with or without constant mat monitors. It’s reliable, easy to custom cut, lays flat and provides optimum static control for mission critical applications.


Mission Critical ESD Table Top Matting Features
  • Perfect for use with or without constant monitors!
  • Outstanding mechanical shock protection.
  • Tri-Layer ADVANCED permanent conductivity!
  • Meets NEW ANSI, JEDEC and MIL requirements!
  • Passes ISO and ESD Audits with ease!


Physical Properties:
  • Thickness: 0.125 (1/8 of an inch)
  • Colors: Sky Blue or Dove Gray


Electrical Properties
  • PTP per ESD ANSI / ED STM4.1-2017: >1.0E06 <1.0E09
  • RTG per ESD ANSI / ED STM4.1-2017: >1.0E06 <1.0E09
  • TYPICAL RTG @ 30% rH, 100 VDC, 71 Deg F: 1.0E07 to 9.32E07



2′, 30″, 3′ and 4 foot widths. Full Rolls and Custom Cut Sizes



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