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ESD Spray for Static Control – Features Strongest Anti Stats on the Market!


UltraSpray II ESD Spray an excellent choice for car seats and standard office grade chair seats that generate a huge amount of static!

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Static Dissipative Anti-Static Treatment for Plastic, Cloth and Carpeting.

All antistatic sprays are NOT created Equal!


UltraSpray II ESD Spray features the strongest commercially available anti stats on the market. A fast application renders static laden plastics, fiber and cloth static dissipative (electrically semi conductive). This ESD Spray contains concentrated anti stats that provide an electrical conductivity that is PERFECT for allowing the static to migrate and evenly disperse. This static dissipative range of electrical conductivity allows it to provide safe yet efficient static control making it a perfect choice for use in sophisticated ESD control environments AND Homes!


It’s an excellent choice for car seats and standard office grade chair seats! Example When a person rises from their standard padded chair seat they will generate a tremendous amount of static (often over several thousand volts). When the same chair is coated with a light mist of UltraSpray II ESD Spray the charge is miniscule. UltraSpray II also provides outstanding results on carpeting as well as all commercially available plastics.


UltraSpray II ESD Spray – Features
  • Immediate static control!
  • Fast, easy application!
  • Non flammable, cost effective and long lasting!
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly!
  • Renders plastic, carpet and cloth static dissipative!
  • Excellent for use in ESD Areas AND Home environments
  • Available in convenient 4 ounce bottles, quarts and gallon containers.


UltraSpray II ESD Spray Extra Information

UltraSpray II is a proprietary product manufactured by United Static Control Products Inc. To use this product simply spray, mop or dip the problem area. Allow to dry.

*100 volts @ 38%rH



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