UltraStrong ESD Floor Mats – Years’ Worth of ESD Protection Without Fading

UltraStrong ESD Floor Mats handles chair caster traffic and carts without tearing, cracking or delaminating for maximum static control.


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The Toughest Most Dependable ESD Floor Mat in the Industry!


UltraStrong ESD Floor Mats feature advanced three layer esd floor mats provide the utmost in anti-static protection. This easy to clean static control matting is highly resistant to abrasion, tears and cracking. UltraStrong is recommended for use over hard surface floors such as Vinyl, VCT, Concrete etc. (Note: not recommended for use on carpet).


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UltraStrong ESD Floor Mats provide years’ worth of ESD protection without fading or leaving residue on your existing floor. UltraStrong handles chair caster traffic and carts without tearing, cracking or delaminating. UltraStrong’s advanced Tri-Layer composition feature a static dissipative top layer bonded to a conductive inner scrim bonded to a static dissipative bottom layer for Ultimate static control protection.


The Results are in: Permanent anti static properties and NOT dependent on the ambient humidity for conductivity.


Physical Properties

Property Value
Color Dark Gray
Thickness 3/32″
Availability Rolls & Pre-cuts
Weight 0.8 lbs per SF Min


Electrical Properties


Property Value
Point to Point per TR-53: >1.0E06 <1.0E09
Resistance to Ground per TR-53: >1.0E06 <1.0E09
RTG inner layer, S7.1: <1.0E05
Static Generation, 97.2: <100 volts


  • Provides even footing for employee comfort
  • Long Lasting – Tough and Robust!
  • Resistant to cuts, tears and impact.
  • Resistant to ozone damage, fire and most chemicals.
  • Easy to clean sweep or hose off.


Extra Information
  • Vinyl composition ensures years of UltraStrong ESD Floor Mats usage.
  • Ideal for protecting large floor space in heavy use areas
  • Doesn’t rely on ambient humidity for conductivity. Permanently conductive.


Note: Not recommended for use with drag chains. Should you require a matting that works with drag chains on carts and chairs consider the Titanium ESD chair mats.


  • Indestructible! Permanent conductivity!
  • Robust and Easy to Keep Clean!
  • Dependable Performance PASSES audits!
  • Perfect for covering ANY hard surface flooring!
  • Approved for use around energized equipment
  • Meets FAA STD 019e
  • Meets ATIS-0600321.2010 & Motorola R56
  • Meets ANSI ESD S20.20-2014, 97.2
  • Tri-Layer ADVANCED permanent conductivity.



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