Ground Cord Kit – Easily Attach to Any Type of ESD Floor Mat

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UltraStrong Kits are designed to easily attach to any type of ESD Floor Mat and provide a reliable electrical connection.


Economical, efficient,secure, easy to use and fully compliant to latest ANSI / ESD and MIL standards! UltraStrong Floor Mat Ground Cords are supplied as an easy to install kit requiring only a screw driver for fast easy installation to ANY static control floor mat material!


Our UltraStrong floor mat ground cord kits are designed to easily attach to any type of ESD Floor Mat and provide a dependable, RELIABLE electrical connection of the mat to a known ground source. Our kits feature a bevel hooded snap assembly (to reduce tripping hazards) and securely snap onto our mat fastener kit (included with your order). Simply install the snap kit on your floor mat, snap on our floor mat ground cord, attach the opposite end (#10 ring terminal) to either the center screw of an AC electrical face plate cover or as is recommended by your ESD program Coordinator. Economical, efficient, secure, easy to use and fully compliant to latest ANSI ESD and MIL standards!


In order to operate effectively all anti static floor mats must be attached to a reliable earth ground connection. UltraStrong floor mat ground cords are an integral component – allowing easy placement (anywhere on the mat) and providing a female 3/8 socket for subsequent attachment to the anti static mat. To achieve reliable grounding of you anti static floor mat the fastener kit must be attached securely to your mat (it must not be loose).



Simply puncture a hole in the matting material with a screw driver, awl or punch making sure not to oversize the hole (over sizing this hole may not let the fastener contact the conductive inner scrim of some of the advanced 3 layer anti static floor mat materials). Place the base through the underside of the mat, select the appropriate snap (female), place above base, select the appropriate length screw, place through snap, into base and tighten securely. Use the washer to find tune compression. Attach the ground cord to your snap and attach the ground cord to a reliable common point ground in your building. Each mat requires attachment to electrical ground. Mats should not be daisy chained.


  • Easy to install on any ESD or anti-static floor mat
  • Beveled hooded fastener for reduced tripping hazards
  • Heavy duty 3/8 fasteners
  • Generous 15 foot ground cord
  • Individually packaged for secure deployment
  • Constructed with a 1 mega ohm resister for safety
  • Male Fastener on cord, Female fastener kit for mat
  • Includes our universal mat snap kit
  • Fully compliant to latest standards



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