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ESD Matting – Tough, Durable, Permanently Conductive

UltraTough ESD Matting protects against the harmful effects of static electricity on computing devices by reducing static discharge.


Free Shipping in the Continental USA Only* New! Common point ground cord included at NO CHARGE with Custom Cut ESD Table Top Mats made from this Material!


As Low as $41.20! Free Shipping in the Continental USA and to our friends in Canada!


Mission Critical Table Top ESD Mat in Custom Sizes and Full Rolls. Indestructible! Permanent conductivity! Robust and Easy to Keep Clean! Dependable Performance PASSES audits! Perfect for Mission Critical ESD Control Areas!


UltraTough features advanced tri-layer electrical (static control) performance and indestructible mechanical integrity. UltraTough easily handles heavy loads AND delicate parts. It’s NOT reliant on humidity for static conductivity and Always Passes ESD Audits. UltraTough MEETS the latest recommendations of ANSI, ESD, JEDEC and MIL and is perfect for mission critical static control.


Static electricity – specifically the discharge of static electricity (also called ESD for Electro Static Discharge) can have devastating effects on sensitive electronic micro components and other static sensitive items. Anti Static matting is used to cover an electrically insulative or conductive bench top that is used in the manufacturing process of static sensitive product.


Anti static matting needs to post a very specific range of electrical conductivity to provide a controlled discharge of any static voltage that may have accumulated on the technician or other items used in the manufacturing process. If a matting material is too conductive this electrostatic potential moves to an electrical ground too quickly. If a matting material is too insulative it doesn’t move the charge to ground fast provide any protection.


Many ESD bench mat materials are manufactured using a chemical designed to absorb the (semi conductive) ambient humidity in the air thus providing static dissipative electrical properties. These materials – while inexpensive to manufacture provide electrical properties that fluctuate dramatically with the rise and fall of ambient humidity conditions.


In addition, the hygroscopic chemicals used in their manufacturing fade over a period of time. This is not he case with a Tri-Layer Anti Static Table Top Mat like UltraTough. A Tri layer matting material features an even dispersion of a  conductive material sandwiched between two less conductive materials. Although more expensive to manufacture than their hygroscopic counter parts tri-layer ESD matting is not reliant on ambient humidity for conductivity thus never fails to provide outstanding results.


Physical Properties
  • Colors: Dark Gray or Sky Blue
  • Overall thickness: 3/32”
  • Availability: Rolls AND Custom Cut!
  • Electrical resistance: >1.0E06 and <1.0E09 – Compliant with ANSI / ESD S 20.20 -2014 (the latest US Standards).
  • Typical average resistance point to point – TR53 / ESD 4.1 @ 100 V – 59%rH, [2 ea 5 pound electrodes]: 2.90E07
  • Typical average resistance to ground using standard mat fastener (that contacts internal mat conductive scrim) – standard mat ground cord with built in 1 meg resistor – TR53 / ESD 4.1 @ 100 V – 59%rH, (1 ea 5 lb electrode): 1.19E07.


UltraTough ESD bench matting is fully warranted to meet the stringent NEW standards of ANSI/ESD/JEDEC and MIL for table top static control matting! United SCP utilizes THE most advanced 3 layer construction on the market to provide a material that is tough, durable, easy to clean and permanently conductive. Unlike many other ESD table top mats UltraTough is not dependent on humidity for conductivity.


Note: The static dissipative range of electrical conductivity is one that falls above 1 meg ohm (>1.0E06) and below 1.0E09. UltraTough’s electrical conductivity consistently falls in the middle of the static dissipative range thus providing dependable COMPLIANT static control in the most challenging of ESD control environments. Is it worth the aggravation to save a couple of bucks on a cheaper ESD matting that may let you down in a critical ESD audit scenario? Is it worth compromising your builds? Most Think NOT!

UltraTough Tames the Static Beast BEFORE it takes another Byte! ®



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