Wrist/Heel Strap Tester – A Proven Performer at a Realistic Price.

Wrist/Heel Strap Tester by United Static Control Products ensures ease of use and compliance with all legal standards and perfect for techs.

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The CT-8900: Flawless PAPERLESS Compliance Tracking for Your ESD Program! Eliminates log books and Cheating! Documents and Insures Compliance to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014! Provides complete easy to comprehend reports for supervisors and ISO Audits. Input the employee name manually or with ANY type of employee ID card. Track from 1 to 30,000 technicians with EASE!


  • CT-8920 – Tester with software only (battery not included), power supply may be purchased separately = $1,351.23
  • CT-8925 – Tester with Footplate (no stand, for wall mount) and software = $1,753.04
  • CT-8900 – Tester, Footplate, software and Stand = $1,865.73
  • CT-8950 – Tester, Barcode or Magstripe Reader, Software, Heavy Duty Footplate & Stand = $2,257.73
  • CT-8960 – Tester, HID / Casi-Rusco Reader, Software, Heavy Duty Footplate and Stand = $2,251.73


It’s a Problem and it Happens Every Day!

Technicians stand in line waiting to test their heel straps and wrist straps late while under the gun and already stressed. “Just great! Now my heel straps failed.” They think to themselves “I’ll change them out when I have more time” so after signing the log the techs are off to building potentially compromised product and never think the solution could be a Wrist/Heel Strap Tester like many other technicians.


The Solution: The Ohm-Stat CT-8900 Wrist/Heel Strap Tester!

Today over 100,000 technicians located in the U.S.A. and Worldwide will test using the CT-8900! It’s refined time tested technology guarantees accurate compliance tracking with No Cheating Allowed so whether your needs are for a single test station or multiple networked stations Static Solution’s got you covered!


Easy to use and understand!

To use simply swipe your employee ID Badge or enter your name on an attached PC then stand on the foot plate (and/or) plugging into the wrist strap input. Then simply hit the test button and within 3 seconds the test is complete!


Testing complete in under 3 seconds

Testing time, Employee information and Pass / Fail Results (readings in ohms) are logged and stored in the devices memory so out of compliance technicians are alerted immediately by email. You can even setup the device to allow security doors to open automatically but only for passing technicians.


This easy to comprehend Wrist/Heel Strap Tester is invaluable for any ESD program because of the features included. It is NIST Traceable, CE, RoHS and S20.20 Compliant which gives you peace of mind. A calibration certificate is included with each unit for proof of quality and may be calibrated internally or sent back to us on a yearly basis if easier for you.


A Proven Performer at a Realistic Price.
  • Device and readers pre-programmed for your Company ID card at No Charge.
  • Free software and upgrades for Life.
  • RoHS compliant and free of conflict materials.
  • Easy to use, no involved training.
  • Software compatible with Microsoft Windows OS versions 7/8/10
  • Can monitor up to 30,000 people a day!
  • Provides a pass/fail and a readout in Ohms which lets you know if your straps are wearing out.
  • Eliminates cheating and filling out a handwritten log!
  • Tracks employee attendance and vacation time and can even notify you when it’s time to get recertified!

New for 2021!

May be powered with internal 9V battery OR the USB cable from the attached PC!

The unit has a USB connection which will need to be plugged into the PC/Tablet/Laptop to feed the data and to power the unit.

Computer requirements are: A computer with a 486DX or higher (Pentium or similar) microprocessor. Larger hard drives (2 G or more) will store more employee data. Windows operating system (Windows 7/8/10)

Data is stored to your local C: Drive on the PC/Tablet/Laptop the CT-8900 is connected to. Within the software the Setup/Directories tab will allow you to route the reports wherever you would like. Page 33 of the new manual explains this in further detail.

Alternatively in Tools there are options to use a remote data base which can upload your reports and data directly to your data base (please note tech support is NOT included with this feature and would be billed at an hourly rate) This is explained in more detail on Page 38 of the new manual.

The other option is to utilize our emailing feature which will email a .txt file for the desired report and you can then distribute accordingly. Page 43 of the new manual explains this in further detail.

Download Center

Data Sheet
Owners & Operations Guide
Calibration (PDF)
How Do I Network Multiple Units?
Trial Software (Direct from the Manufacturer) *


* Software Download Instructions:

Scroll down their page to the CT-8900 Wrist/Heel Strap Tester Data Logging Software links



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